The DAM Playbook


The Journey to Transformation

At IQ Equity we have been passionate about Digital Asset Management for more years than we care to remember, and we have learnt a great deal on our DAM journey.

Here is some free advice to help you get your DAM journey right.

If you skip any of the following stages, your chance of failure increases exponentially.

This we know, as we have been doing this for a long time, we have seen companies large and small take multiple attempts to implement DAM correctly; purchase a DAM without first building a strategy and you are likely to fail.

Digital Asset Management is a strategy, not just a technology purchase.
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Mark Davey
IQ Equity Founder

We have benchmarked all our learnings into the following...

DAM Maturity Model

DAM Maturity Model (DMM) is a tool for organisations to measure their current level of Digital Asset Management proficiency.

The DMM serves as a means by which companies are able to assess their level of expertise in different aspects of DAM operation.

6 Steps to DAM Success

6 Steps to DAM Success is the series of actions that need to be implemented for a company to construct and deliver a successful Digital / DAM strategy.

Building strategy takes time and effort; it requires you to first look at your company’s current state and the data you hold along with where and how it is stored.

10 Core DAM Characteristics

10 Core DAM Characteristics is an industry standard accreditation, developed in 2014 by IQ Equity alongside a group of DAM professionals and thought leaders.

It assesses the core functionality necessary to carry out Digital Asset Management.

The DAM Playbook

We have the largest database in the world covering every aspect of DAM you will need to get a Digital Asset Management strategy right.

We allow our customers to map their requirements to our database and offer detailed, bespoke reports on their company and on vendor capabilities.

Map your DAM DNA. And find your best-fit, fast.